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Moving on…

Moving on…

I stopped updating this blog about a year ago. I still have migraines. However, I just can’t keep up with this… I’ve got too many things going on. I do get about 10 hits a day from people searching about chronic migraines / chronic headaches. So, fear not… if you’ve landed here all my previous … Continue reading

Random Tidbits for you...

  • Nothing new to report here for suffers, but a good article nonetheless: Migraine Miseries Push Patients to Ways of Coping
  • There's another headache clinic opening up in the Bay Area... this one at Stanford in Palo Alto. The "new center will treat migraine and other causes of head pain with nutrition, counseling, massage and medicine." The clinic opened July 28th and is headed by Dr. Rob Cowan, chairman of complementary and alternative medicine for the American Headache Society and a board-certified specialist in psychiatry, neurology and pain medicine. Read more about it here.
  • Did you know there's a patron saint of headaches? Who knew? Meet Saint Teresa of Ávila.

Read it and weap. Actually… please don’t! Weap, that is. Keep reading.

Hi! I have chronic headaches. Some people call them chronic migraines. Either way, they suck. It's ALWAYS there. Pressure. In my head. This is my headache blog. If you suffer like I do, know that you're not alone. If you don't suffer from chronic migraines... why are you here? Just kidding! Come hang out with me. I'm actually nice. I swear. Unless I have really bad migraine... oh wait... (And don't be like some people who say "get over it" and take an Excedrin. This is actually a serious condition. Seriously.)

This site is not in any way qualified to dole out medical care and/or advice. Always chat with your doctor for any and all medications, information, treatments, advice, or general questions about your own pain issues. All the text on this site is my personal perspective and my own experience with chronic pain. You should not use it as a substitute for professional care. That would just be silly.

"Damn it Jim, I'm a writer, not a doctor." ~ if you don't know who this reference is too... you've just proven I'm getting old. Thanks. :)